Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer and exporter of wooden kitchenware and houseware? If so, you don’t have to look any further because Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. is here to provide the best solution for your needs. Our company is among the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality wooden kitchenware and houseware in the city of Bangkok in Thailand.


About Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd

Founded on Aug. 20th, 2015, Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. is highly considered as a reliable manufacturer and exporter for consumers who are looking for wooden kitchenware items such as chopping board, kitchen utensils, salad bowl, tray, wine ware, salt and pepper mills, etc. We are a family business for more than 20 years, and have been producing wood stain colors and furniture. We started working on wooden kitchenware line since 2013.

Based in the beautiful city of Bangkok, our company has been engaged in exporting a wide variety of vintage and classy wooden tableware, kitchenware and dinnerware like utensils, kitchen, salad bowl, salt & pepper mills and chopping board, wine ware, tray and so on. Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. is trusted by a huge number of businesses in the industry. We gained more than 2 decades of experience in the industry. Supplying vast array of vintage and refined wooden tableware, dinnerware and kitchenware, Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. is able to satisfy the wooden kitchenware product needs of thousands of clients across the country, at reasonable prices!


Through the years, we have been engaged in the exportation of high quality modern furniture, wooden stain colors as well as wooden based kitchenware. Our name is always trusted by a growing number of satisfied customers all over the country and even outside Thailand. We guarantee the durability as well as the beauty of the products that we offer. Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. is also committed to giving only what will make our valued customers truly satisfied. Our current clients are mainly based in Europe and America, but we are happy to look into establishing new mutual beneficial working relation in other countries as well. We are willing to help with any of your domestic or international needs.


Why Choose our Products?

Our company is always thinking of what will make our clients happy and satisfied. Hence, we focus more on the quality of our products. We ensure the quality of each item we supply into the market.

Through the years, Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. has remained committed to using only the best and the finest materials available in the market. Through that way, we are sure that our finished products would be of the highest level of quality no matter what. We have trusted suppliers of raw materials we use in making our products. 

Also, when it comes to quality, we believe that nothing can beat us. Our products are mostly reasonably priced and as a matter of fact, we offer discounts and other special offers to our customers. It is simply because we want our customers to spend less while getting the best value at the same time.


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