Easy Tips : How to Clean & Take Care of Your Wooden Kitchenware and Utensils

Wood utensils and kitchenware date back to ancient times are claimed to be one of the most typical tools seen in the most kitchen at present. Did you know that wood is an excellent material to cook along with the different variety of reason and with proper care, wood kitchenware could last for many years.

  • Rinse your wooden kitchenware and utensils properly – Make use of mild dish detergent and rinse the wood in soapy and dry water. After it is cleaned, towel dry and let the wood to air dry. Never let your wooden kitchenware to soak in the water. Plus, you should pay attention not to heat from a dishwasher.

  • Get rid of odors and flavors – Wooden utensils and kitchenware can absorb odors coming from strong flavors such as oil and garlic, and can transfer the flavor and odor to other foods. When you rub the surface along with the cut side of the halved lemon or maybe with a paste made of water and baking soda, it can help neutralize the smell. Keep a different cutting board for those stinky foods to prevent the transfer of flavor.

  • Buffing – Every morning, you can provide your wooden kitchenware a good buffing. What you just need to do is to use a clean cotton rag, and get rid of the remaining oil in the surface and buff the utensil before storing it. In addition, the grain, natural variations, the colors each pop when the oil has been distributed. While this might not take any much different in its usefulness, often pretty is enough. The coating of the oil will also aid your wooden kitchenware last a longer period, preventing them from splitting.

  • Use mineral oil or beeswax for dry and fuzzy wooden utensils – If your wooden cutting board and spoons begin to look fuzzy and dry, you can rub with a beeswax compound and mineral oil. AS much as possible, do not use any food-based oil such as olive oil and vegetable oil as these can go rotten.

It is the best to clean wooden kitchenware if you clean it after use before the food has dry on them. Take good care of your wooden spoons as it will bring a lot of use in the long run. Enjoy!!

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